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In the event of an emergency or death . . .

An Everplan is a complimentary resource available to those we inspire through Brandt Financial Concepts, Inc.  It is an easy-to-access, secure digital archive of everything you need throughout your life and that your loved ones might need should something happen to you. With our Everplan life planning and organizing platform, you can create, store, view and securely share all of the important plans, passwords and other information your family will need today and forever. Through a combination of original content, a personalized guidance engine and an intuitively organized vault, the Everplan helps you create an entire life plan that integrates your estate plans and financial plans with a variety of other health and financial data in one simple and accessible place. You’ll then have a user-friendly game plan and convenient process in place in the event of an emergency or death. When critical points in life occur – our clients and their loved ones can confidently and privately turn to their Everplan for secure, cloud stored access to know what to do, when to do it, who to call, what accounts are out there, who to pay, find passwords, preferences for final arrangements and more. 

Access and create your own Everplan via invitation from a Brandt Financial Concepts, Inc. team member. You may have done 'all the right things' but need to make sure 'those who need to know' can access the right people and documents when needed. You’ll receive a personalized email invitation to activate your private account and with one click, you’ll be on your way to peace of mind with an Everplan in place. 

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* The services, tools and information, as well as privacy and security measures, offered herein are provided by Brandt Financial Concepts, Inc. Woodbury Financial Services makes no representations or warranties of any kind about the information, products or services contained herein.