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Individual and Family Medical Insurance

Individual or personal and family medical insurance plans help cover expenses from preventive healthcare to serious medical emergencies and a great deal in between.  Being pro-active with an active lifestyle, healthy diet and preventive healthcare can save money and preserve our health in the long run.  Having medical insurance can save money when visiting the doctor, taking prescription medications, receiving preventive care and other health-care services.  Typical health insurance plans for individuals and families involve a monthly premium and other out -of-pocket costs such as, co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.  

Medical insurance and the related terms and cost sharing can be confusing.  As an independent Health Insurance Resource Center – our team at Brandt Financial Concepts can simplify the complicated and are here to help.  We have access to a world of health insurance plans in contrast to going direct to a single insurance company or to an employee/agent representing limited plans or only one plan. 


(HSA) High deductible plans are also available to individuals and families providing additional choices when looking for the best plan to fit one’s lifestyle and budget. 


The Affordable Care Act allows for Government subsidies to help people pay their health insurance costs. Premium tax credits/subsidies can be complicated so our independent and Exchange certified professionals are here to help determine if you qualify for a subsidy and assist in applying for coverage.  Our relationship will then be ongoing - versus transactional, providing assistance with claims, billing, plan changes, the annual renewal process, subsidy re-qualification and more.  As always, there is no charge for our services so there is no need to apply direct to the insurance carrier or to end up with only an 800 number and different call center person each time help is needed. 

In summary, being an independent resource available at no cost to our clients, we welcome calls, emails and visitors to our historic office building in downtown Palatine.  Caring and committed to clients and community for over 35 years, we love helping people and would love to be of help to you!

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