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Medicare Supplement

If you have just begun to research and compare Medicare Supplement and Drug plans offered, you may be trying to decide whether to use a local medical insurance broker or go directly to an insurance company. You may also be confused by the mountain of information being sent to you by mail and would like to make some sense if it. Being an independent broker and a Medicare Supplement and Medical Insurance Resource Center, we are here to help simplify the process and help you avoid making a mistake. We are driven by our desire to make people happy and bring value to the relationship. Brandt Financial Concepts has access to a world of insurance carriers with no cost to people who seek our help. Being independent, we can shop out and compare all plan options, recommending the best plans to fit the budget and needs and keep it simple - all at no cost.  

In contrast, going direct to an insurance company results in only seeing that particular company plan. Why not benefit from the services of a local, caring and committed firm that has been helping people make smart insurance and financial decisions for over 35 years. Going direct, you will also miss out on visiting our warm and welcoming offices in historic downtown Palatine and meeting our fun and friendly team while enjoying our signature fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. There might even be something special for you if it happens to be your birthday! Lastly, why be left without an advocate on your side and an 800 number with a different person on the line with every call. 

So – if you are approaching age 65 and would like to see some ideas of costs when you become Medicare eligible, we are here for you. 

And if you’re 65 plus and already have a Medicare Supplement purchased recently or some time ago and would simply like to obtain a second opinion, we are happy to review what you have and see how it compares to your current one. 

Bonus – also at no cost, you can enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B with our assistance right here in the comfort of our offices. Brandt Financial Concepts, Inc. is not a government affiliate. 

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